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About HDNatureFootage

HDNatureFootage went online in January of 2007. The website was completely redesigned in the summer of 2021.

Yes. Some of the footage collected and owned by Pronghorn Productions can be found at Pond5 and other sites; however, all of the best footage is on HDNatureFootage and the prices will always be lower than what is posted on the other sites (if not contact us.).

HDNatureFootage.net is owned and operated by Pronghorn Productions. The latter also owns www.wildlifefootage.net. Pronghorn Productions (www.pronghornproductions.com) is the company name.  Payments for clips purchased at HDNatureFootage.net will be made to Pronghorn Productions.


Select any clip you are interested in downloading and go through the checkout process. Be sure to select $0 Free Watermark Copy for the purchase. Select the Checkout button. Enter your email and name to download the free footage. At the same time scroll down and select a username and password to create an account.

We have totally redesigned HDNatureFootage.net, and that includes using a new database. We are in the process of pulling that information forward. However, we suggest you create a new account and let us know that you also have an account under the old system; we will expedite pulling that information into the new database. Rest assured all information in the old database is secure.

Cameras and Formats

We’ve used a couple dozen cameras over the years. Much of the footage comes from a Sony EX3, a Canon XA20 or XA40, a DJI Mavic Pro 2, a Z Cam E2, a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k, a Canon C70, and a Canon R5C. The actual camera is listed in the tags (i.e., keywords) for the clips.  You can click on the tag to see all footage collected with the camera or copy-and-paste the tag into the search bar along with other keywords (e.g., Z Cam E2 AND bison).

We use a wide range of formats, sometimes dictated by the cameras or shooting conditions. Common formats are: XDCAM EX 1280×720 60p (HD), XDCAM EX 1920×1080 30p (Full HD), AVC 1920×1080 30p (Full HD), HEVC 3840×2160 30p (4K), XF-AVC and ProRes 422 4120×2160 30p (4k Cinema), and HEVC 8192×4320 (8K Cinema). There are many others, often variations of the above. The original format is listed in the tags (keywords) for the clip as well as under the large video player on the single product page.  Purchased footage is delivered in the original format, or as close to it as possible, unless otherwise requested.

We only provide the audio when it is clean and relevant to the clip. In other words, if there is no audio on the clip it was probably of very low quality and not relevant.


Not at this time nor do we anticipate that capability in the future. An internet search will bring up several stock footage sites that accept contributions.

Yes. All of the footage on HDNatureFootage was collected and is owned by the parent company Pronghorn Productions.

Footage Delivery

Yes, just let us know the format you prefer and we will render to that format (with perhaps a few exceptions).  Otherwise the clip will be delivered in its original format, or as close to it as possible (the original format can be seen in the tags for the clip and underneath the large video player in the single product page).

Sorry, we discontinued that option for a variety of reasons.  However, we typically process orders in 1-2 hours and always within a day.  So shortly after your order you will get a download link and a payment invoice will be sent to you.

Shortly after receiving your order we will send you a URL with download instructions, typically within 1-2 hours.  Footage is delivered in a zip file and is in its original format (codec, bit rate) whenever possible and resolution; however, the purchaser’s license terms may dictate that only the purchased license resolution or smaller can be used under the terms of the license (in other words, the purchaser will need to render to the resolution they paid for or smaller).


Yes. Such purchases require up-front consultation and require a minimum of five minutes worth of footage.  Please contact us.  In these cases we typically need the purchaser to provide a draft license for us to review and, assuming it is reasonable, sign.

Yes. Please provide us a copy and if it is acceptable will will adopt it for the sale.

Our primary and default license is:

All Media, Worldwide, in Perpetuity use. Specifically, the purchaser may use the materials in all media, including documentaries, entertainment, commercial advertising, publishing, and other media (both broadcast and non-broadcast), worldwide, as they see fit and as often as they like without incurring royalties or additional fees. The purchaser may not resell or redistribute the materials. The rights are non-transferable (however, end-clients such as broadcast companies may use the footage as part of productions produced by the purchaser of the footage). The purchaser (and their end-clients should the purchaser be a production company) shall be the sole user of the material under the purchase and may not share the materials with others without the written approval of Pronghorn Productions. The rights to the materials are non-exclusive. Pronghorn Productions reserves the right to sell the material to others and/or to use the material in products produced by Pronghorn Productions.

Purchases of resolutions smaller than the original footage are amended as follows: The purchaser shall only use the footage in a resolution equal to or smaller than the resolution they paid for.  (This will require the purchaser to render to the smaller resolution.)

Free clips use the same license but are amended as follows: The purchaser shall attribute (credit) HDNatureFootage.net in any use and productions that make use of the footage, specifically, by listing HDNatureFootage in the end credits.

Contact us if you prefer to use a different license.

Preview Footage

Yes. If you prefer not to query our catalog for clips of interest, please contact us and tell us your subject matter (e.g., bison fighting) and we will compile the clips into a single screener video with a timestamp or other code to facilitate purchase (depending on the size of the screener file we will transfer via internet or via carrier such as FedEx). We do charge $100 USD for the service (plus shipping fees, SD cards, etc., if any), but the $100 can be credited toward any purchases within the following 12 months.

Yes!  In the search results grid click on the thumb (small) version of the video which will bring up a large video player.  To the right of that in red text is a download link for a 960×540 watermark preview version of the clip.  Note that preview copies are in a very low bit rate (which might show some pixelation in fast moving scenes).  The preview versions are only for editing and review use and not intended for or licensed for final productions.

Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions for the use of our website can be found here.

HDNatureFootage.net is owned and operated by Pronghorn Productions. Pronghorn Productions values your privacy. We will not share information with third parties including financial information, personal information, and visitations except for conducting business transactions related to the sale of products at HDNatureFootage.net.  Our full privacy policy can be found here.

Purchase Options

Yes. This typically requires some negotiation with prices being based on the amount of footage, the quality, and other considerations. We now require a 5-minute (300 second) minimum purchase for per-second sales. Contact us and we can discuss.

Yes, in rare cases we will do that. Generally, we might charge 3x the All Media, Worldwide, Perpetuity license for such a sale. You then become the owner of the clip and do with as you please including re-selling. We remove that clip from the online store and keep a copy only for archival purposes and should we ever use it in one of our own productions. Contact us if you wish to make such a purchase.

Sorry, we no longer have free footage (you might see some online references to free footage; however, that promotion has ended). As an fyi, you can use the search filter slider on the the videos page to query by price.

Yes. At this time these discounts are not built into our new website so please contact us to discuss.  We are happy to provide a 20% discount to non-profit organizations conserving natural resources and/or 20% off for non-broadcast use (e.g., a museum).  We will consider discounts for other uses, e.g., web use.

The easiest way is to use the online store and add clips to your cart and then checkout.  Shortly thereafter we will email you a link for immediate download. At the same time we will email you (via PayPal) an invoice for payment due.  However, if you want to skip the shopping cart method just send us an email listing the clips you want (use the SKU, e.g., V00001) and we will take it from there.

We don’t know. It is temporary and our apology for the site being down for several months. We urge you to use the discount as soon as possible because it won’t last.


Yes, simply let us know within 7 days and we will give you a full refund (excluding shipping charges, if any). All we ask is that you let us know the reason for the request.

Searching for Footage

The easiest way is to simply enter the search terms in the rectangular search boxes on the Home Page or the Video Page. For example, enter “bison AND fighting” or “prairie” in the search box. However, the latter search is problematic because it will bring up all records with “prairie” including clips of “prairie dogs” or “prairie vole” and shots where “prairie” might be a secondary feature (e.g., the habitat an animal was in). To narrow the search use the multiple-choice boxes in the left column on the Videos Page. For example, under Category select “Landscape > Prairie.” Note that within a multiple-choice box the operator is “OR”, but between the boxes the operator is a “AND.” Lastly, in the single product page (i.e, the page with the large video player) will be a list of keywords (inside of ovals) associated with that clip at the bottom of the page; click on those keywords to see all clips with that keyword or copy-and-paste the keyword into a search box. In the latter case, you can combine it with other search terms. Feel free to contact us if you need help.

Yes. Depending on several factors we might attempt to get the footage for you, but with nature and wildlife there are often challenges and factors out of our control.

Website Technical Issues

If you created an account prior to July 2021 it was made with our old website. That information will be transferred to the new site in the near future. We suggest making a new account and informing us that you did that so we can combine your records when we make the transfer.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry about that, we are working on it (long story short it seems to be a caching issue). This is only an issue if you are not logged in so an easy way to fix it is to create an account. If you prefer not to create an account just ignore the zero as the “purchased” items are still in your cart and will show up when you add another item (if you prefer add a dummy item and then remove it when you see your list of items in your cart).